Description: 1/8-1/4" (4-5 mm) Almost hemispherical, slightly longer than broad. Head and thorax black marked with yellow. Elytra orange with 2 large black spots. Underside black to reddish brown. Larva is velvety black spotted with yellow and white.

  • Food Adult and larva feed on aphids and other small insects.
  • Life Cycle Clusters of bright yellow eggs are attached to foliage and other supports near a food supply, where larvae later feed. Pupae are black with yellow spots and hang by back tip from leaf surfaces. Adults overwinter in the North. Many generations a year.
  • Habitat Meadows, fields, and gardens; also in houses.
  • Range Throughout North America.
  • This little beetle is one of the most familiar ladybugs. The Western Two-spotted Lady Beetle (A. frigada), 1/8-1/4" (3-5 mm), has a white head and white pronotum with an M-shaped black mark. It also has orange-red elytra with 2 faint dark spots, a broken black band, and a transverse spot near its tip. It is found across northern Canada to New York State and New England, often at higher elevations.