Dampwood Termite

Description: Soldiers 3/4" (19 mm), reproductives 1" (25 mm). Soldiers have large brownish heads, long dark mandibles, at least 23 segments in antennae. Secondary reproductives are grayish or whitish, lack wing pads but have compound eyes. All members of the colony have prominent cerci with 3 or more segments and a groove on the midline above upper lip.

  • Food Wet wood.
  • Life Cycle Colony has no worker caste, only soldiers and 3 reproductive forms -- fertile males, "first form" queens with small wing stubs, and secondary reproductives. Young serve as workers.
  • Habitat Wooded areas on rotting stumps and moist fallen trees, mostly above ground.
  • Range West of the Rocky Mountains from northern California to British Columbia; rare in Southern California.
  • Those termites occasionally enter and destroy the rotting heartwood of old trees or wet pine timbers in buildings.